How to choose who to copy on eToro.

How should you choose who to copy? I think before you even start looking you should first of all spend a little time right at the start trying to identify what your own objectives are. Try to write down a few lines that clearly states what you hope to achieve […]

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Trading FX is like playing Chess :)

To be a good trader you need to be able to manage risk. Managing losing trades is just as important as managing winning ones and the key is controlling our emotions. Trading Forex is like playing a game of chess. There are two players, buyers and sellers but there’s never […]

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Advice for new copiers…

Advice for new copiers: For those who are new to trading, or know little about my own personal style of trading, I can tell you that I use one single indicator called Ichimoku Kinko Hyo and I chart all trades using Metatrader. Saying that, I am not solely a technical […]

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Why are you not using all my funds?

Once an investor gains the status of a Popular Investor, they are subject to several rules of strict conduct as dictated by eToro. One must retain a risk of 6 or less, ensure equity levels do not fall below predetermined levels depending on the PI level attained, trade on a […]

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What is Drawdown?

I would also like to revisit my points on Drawdown, mainly for new traders. I’d like to give a very basic description of drawdown. Drawdown is the percentage value that the account is running in the red from the total fund available. I like to view it as an overdraft […]

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